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Commercial Demolition Services

West Crow Contracting specializes in commercial demolition for tenant improvement projects. We are the trusted team to remove finishes the right way.

Tenant Improvement Demolition Services

West Crow Contracting specializes in commercial demolition services for tenant improvement projects. We can efficiently take your space back to base conditions and create a new canvass so you can build it out again.

What we can remove

  • Walls and ceilings (Drywall/plaster/T-bar)
  • Millwork 
  • Paints, glues, mastics and leveling compound
  • Bulkheads and framing
  • Floor coverings
  • Furniture
  • Insulation
  • Bearing or partition walls made of wood/steel/brick/CMU
  • Roof systems (soffits/fascia/flashing)
  • Trim, base and crown moulding
  • HVAC
  • Decks and railings
  • Concrete, brick or other aggregates
  • Cladding (vinyl/wood/brick/stucco)
  • Both non hazmat and hazmat

With West Crow Contracting, rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards, no matter the size or complexity.

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Are We the Right Demolition/Abatement Company for You?

Whether you use our services or not, we want you to be the most informed when it comes to demolition so you can make sound decisions when hiring a demolition subcontractor.

Using the wrong demo company could mean damage, extras and stress. Don’t jeopardize your project.

Common Commercial Questions

The building owner has hired a HAZMAT consultant. How will this affect the project?
While a Hazmat consultants typically represents the building owner, they often enforce a heightened level of safety far beyond WorksafeBC. Knowing that a consultant will be overseeing the project must be disclosed at tender, therefore we can budget and schedule accordingly.
Can you work after hours?
Yes! We are at your service to work days, nights, weekends or around the clock to get the project done. We recognize that commercial projects are costly and have big impacts to other tenants. Our goal is to get in and out as fast as possible so you can stay on schedule.
Will you demolish utilities?
Yes and no. If you are removing HVAC ducts, we can drop lines back to the distributers. For sprinkler, plumbing, electrical, fire alarms, security, thermostats, etc we require respective trades to make safe and drop to the floor. Once on the floor, we can remove it from there. This ensures that everything is done right.
Will you work outside of the lower mainland?
Yes. Our crews are happy to travel anywhere your projects take you. Budgeting for this work will be higher given travel, hotel and live out expenses for staff. Other things to consider when doing out of town work is that getting specialty equipment and removing waste materials is often more difficult. These factors will drive the overall cost up. That said, knowing you have a reliable, trusted and experienced subcontractor on an out of town project will ensure all stakeholders are happy.
Can you provide references?
Yes. We have many testimonials that you can see on our website or we would be happy to provide a formal resume upon request.

Commercial Demolition Services

Start Your Commercial Demolition Project Today
Don’t wait to start your commercial demolition project. West Crow Contracting is here to help you with all your demolition needs. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide you with the best commercial demolition services available in the Lower Mainland.

Contact West Crow Contracting today to learn more about our commercial demolition services!

Our Work Process

01. Project Discovery
We learn about your project
02. Hazmat Survey
You provide us with a Hazmat Survey (completed by a 3rd Party consultant) so we know what we are working with
03. Estimation
We complete a site walk if required and prepare a detailed written quote and send it to you for review. Changes and separate prices can be added or removed
04. Contract Signing
We schedule a stakeholder kick-off meeting and initiate our project checklist and schedule
05. Demolition
During the project, we have daily stakeholder meetings to ensure the schedule is maintained and issues are caught
06. Completion
We schedule a stakeholder project wrap-up meeting. Satisfaction is always guaranteed